news, f-stops and the wardrobe

news, f-stops and the wardrobe

Welcome to my first blog post!

Why did I subtitle this blog news, f-stops and the wardrobe? To let readers know what I plan to write about in the upcoming months and years.

News? This blog will include news about me – new books and news on upcoming and recent events.

F-stops? Fairly obvious – as a children’s author who uses photography, I want to spend some time talking about my illustration and writing process including the tools I use. F-stops will also include other work such as this photograph taken on a recent, almost-spring day.

daffodil and shadows

The wardrobe? In the first chapter of the first volume of the CS Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, Lucy steps into the wardrobe and the adventure begins. The door of the wardrobe opens up into an imagined world. A similar step is taken by simply opening a book and beginning to read. I have created many stories in which adventures spring from the imaginative games of children. I will write about some themes of my children’s books and other thoughts on children’s literature.

Thanks for reading this! Please come back soon!


2 thoughts on “news, f-stops and the wardrobe

  1. hello dont you remember me today you came to my class and talk about your books subtitles and we answered question you might not remember me but I was sitting right next to you im the girl that said to you some words are not in books. the most part was when you said you draw the pictures out i love to draw but the most part i love to do is to read i would read every single day and i use to come home andread a chapter book but one time this book had 129 pages and I read it until I stoped at 129 pages. the only reson I wote you this because really would like to read your action figure book.

    1. hi Anisah, I do remember meeting you at PS K677. Yes, there are some wonderful wordless picture books – The Lion and the Mouse, by Jerry Pinkney; Truck, by Donald Crews and Zoom, by Istvan Banyai are just a few. I am pleased to know that you love reading. Please let me know how you like my action figure book, Sky-High Guy. Your school now owns several copies!

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